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Upcoming Events:

    January 18 next VOX meeting
    January 22nd Roe V. Wade Day Events


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Next VOX Meeting

The next VOX Meeting will be Tuesday, January 18th in Maybank 117 at 7pm.  There will be free pizza and two new officers will be elected.  Be sure to be there!


January 22nd, 2005

Roe V. Wade Day Events

Life Without Choice

Rock for Roe

An exciting night planned for everyone in the community!


Life Without Choice

January 22nd
Physicians Auditorium

Free with student ID
$25 for members of the community

Sponsored by:
Planned Parenthood,
College of Charleston Women's Studies Program
College of Charleston VOX

An in-depth discussion of a woman's life without Roe, followed by a reception in Physicians Auditorium

The panel of speakers includes:

1) Dr. Judith Wittner, professor of women's studies at Loyola University, 
Remembers "Jane," the underground railroad that provided transportation to extralegal abortion providers in the '60's.

2) Mildred S. Hanson, MD, ob/gyn in practice pre-Roe, tells of her experiences in emergency rooms treating victims of botched illegal abortions.

3) Dr. Laura Woliver, professor of Political Science at USC, speaks on the status of reprodcutive rights in South Carolina.

4) Brian Lewis, Public Policy Director, PPHS, speaks on PPFA's tactical plans to ensure access to safe abortions if Roe is overturned, and what you can do to save Roe.


Rock for Roe

BAR 145 
10pm -
Bands: RAGA,  Can't Say

To top off the night, staring at 10pm, VOX at CofC will host a band event at BAR 145 entitled Rock For Roe.  BAR 145 is located on the 2nd floor above Millennium Music at 145 Calhoun Street. 

One-half of the $5 admission fee (after 9:45pm) will be donated to VOX at CofC.  This will be an exciting and fun way to celebrate the victory of Roe!

VOX will need about 8 volunteers for this event - primarily for the speaker forum at the Physician's Auditorium.  If you are interested in lending a hand - please contact Ashley.